Nomading - Part Deux

Today marks three months of being a nomad. My journey has taken me to the east coast (Miami, Key West, Atlanta) and back to California (West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Sonoma/Napa, Calabasas, Malibu and Venice). Needless to say, I have found many new neighborhood coffee spots (there's a $9 hazelnut milk latte walking distance from where I am now in Venice and it's worth it). Nomading thus far has been pretty good (seriously, that latte is worth all nine hundred pennies and has truly enhanced my nomadic experience). 

I have become a minimalist. Well, sort of. Each time I land somewhere new - after lugging baskets and suitcases out of one house, tetrising them into the car, and then lugging them into the next house - I tend to have a routine of telling myself "you have too much shit, downsize!" and then proceed to sort through my suitcases and purge an item or two of clothing (although today I purged seven shirts... progress). I then head to the nearest shower or bath (the place I am at now has an amazing bathtub outside in the garden!) to use up what may be an inch left of product in a body wash/shampoo/conditioner bottle so my college dorm shower basket is not overflowing (I never had one in college because I lived in a private dorm where each room had it's own shower - and maid - it was more like a hotel rather than dorm - so I feel like I can finally check that off my list... apparently I really wanted to have that damn pink plastic basket from The Container Store holding all my Aveda and John Masters products). 

After seeing my friend Ryan a little over a month ago for my annual astrology reading, it dawned on me mid-reading why exactly I chose to be a nomad. Honestly, I had no idea why I had chosen this path, I just did it because it felt right (always trust your gut). When people ask me why I left my charming home (seriously, it was beautiful... oh and my landlord died...), put all my things in storage and live out of suitcases, one of three things happens (or all three happen) - 
1. They assume I am crazy to uproot my stable life (I'm not crazy, I'm on a journey - it's called the Saturn Return. Ok, maybe there is some craziness associated with the Saturn Return...). 
2. They assume I am couch surfing (in the three months that my own bed has been wrapped tightly in plastic in a storage unit, I have only spent one night on a couch, and that was because I was visiting a friend I had not seen in a while and feel asleep there as we were up late chatting. I am a bed only kind of gal, a good night's sleep is important to me).  
3. I did not have a proper answer to answer them with (...why was I doing this?...).  

I had no logical answer. Until I all of a sudden got it during my reading with Ryan. I needed to use this time to create, hone my craft, use my sacral chakra - and if I were to have moved from the magic house to another space, I would have just used my creative energy to create another magic house (painting, styling, alchemizing) - which there is absolutely nothing wrong with that typically - but right now it is time for me to create elsewhere. Ahh, hello dharma... 

I manifested all of these magical spaces for me to housesit/petsit/sublet. Ryan mentioned in my reading that I had a lot of action currently in my eighth house (side note - I am not an astrologer - there is a chance I messed up the wording of that) and the eighth house indicates other people's resources. I have literally been using other people's resources, as in their homes, to not only live/rest but to also create. Each space I have been in has been filled with magical creative energy - there are Lakshmi's and Ganesh's, sunset beach views, pools and trampolines, unique fur babies, bathtubs in gardens! I may not have my own home, but I do have other people's lavish homes. Big shout out to my eighth house and other people's resources, couldn't have done it without you! 

I have no idea when or where I'll root down again (except at YogaWorks/Mia's tomorrow, obviously). I keep waiting for an internal nudge saying "find your own space" - and I know it will happen, but I have not experienced yet. I am just going to continue going with the flow and trusting my gut - it got me here, might as well see where it takes me next. 

Leaving one Ganesh, heading to the next Ganesh. 

Leaving one Ganesh, heading to the next Ganesh. 

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