"Open Up, Everything's Waiting For You." - Fleetwood Mac

Long before Heather Reinhardt left Atlanta for LA to pursue her destiny in 2008, she is what many would have called an active daydreamer. In reality, she is an expert manifestationalist. 

In her younger years, Ms. Reinhardt was a dancer and singer performing across the country in a variety of venues, most notably, Carnegie Hall. She knew she had a strong voice-both audibly and intuitionally-which would later guide her as she began writing her new book, Go Love Yourself.

After college, Heather knew her future was to embark on a most unorthodox path. She took the approach of making a vision board for her life, complete with Monopoly money and a picture of the Hollywood sign. Six weeks later, she found herself living in a house just a thousand yards away from the Hollywood sign.  

Heather has lived many lives in Hollywood over the last decade, including being active in make-up and beauty, writing, development, and producing, while working alongside many notable industry mentors, who all have been an inspiration on Heather's path. Learning the nuances of personal growth combined with an acute sense of marketing and production, she has come to a place of going her own way

As the Self-Love Aficionado, Heather really loves herself. And, she wants you to really love yourself, too. Her mission is to make sure as many people as possible have the proper tools to cultivate self-love by writing and speaking about her personal stories. With that in mind, she created her lifestyle brand and product line, Amour De Soi, which includes Affirmation Candles and self-love jewelry.

Active not only in project development, writing and producing, Heather also maintains her beauty notoriety by contributing to Eat.Drink.Shrink. and Stylisted. You can find her inspirational writings on Thrive Global, Elite Daily, VoyageLA and Huffington Post. She is also a member of The International Association of Professional Women, the Women's National Book Association and The Parliament Project

Heather is available for speaking engagements, panels, radio + podcast interviews, TV appearances, hosting, book signings, along with other media opportunities. To book Heather, please contact Terry Cole at tcpublicist@gmail.com.