About a month ago, I packed up my earthly possessions and had a team of amazing friends Tetris them into a 10x7.5 storage unit. I then proceeded to board a redeye to Miami, drove out to Key West for my best friend's bachelorette party and spent the weekend in a cozy little house Hemingway (both Ernest and Mariel) would have approved of. Post Key West, I found myself in Marietta, Georgia - my hometown - for a little over a week. I mostly hung out at my parent's house (and the yoga studio a mile away...that my dad dropped me off at like it was 1999 and Centre Stage - talk about a #tbt in live action) and rediscovered my childhood belongings. To say the least, my life has been about purging recently (aka in the midst of my Saturn Return...everything is shifting). Physical, mental, emotional - purging. 

I landed back in LA on July 1st, sans a place to really root down (other than YogaWorks). What is funny/ironic/magical is that July 1st is my LA anniversary. Six years ago on July 1st, I boarded a one-way flight from ATL to LAX for an unknown adventure. Over these last six years, LA has become my home. Having felt many incarnations in just the last six years, I am very alive in this city. And on July 1st of this year, it all came full circle. There I was being reborn yet again, embarking on the next chapter of another unknown adventure.  

I am staying at my best friends' place for the month of July (they are in and out of town and have a dog so naturally it just made sense to stay around to dog sit). I am very comfortable there, as Murisa and I used to live together for over two years. We like to play the "I used to have that" game - as I am now using her things that we once shared in our Laurel Canyon apartment. Like the mug I am drinking my Yerba Matte out of this morning, I used to have that.

When August comes around, I will be in another dog sitting situation at a friend's place near the beach (I've always wanted to see what it is like to live close to the beach... and the universe definitely provided the opportunity). In mid-August, I travel to Napa for Murisa and Bill's wedding (wedding + wine = win). When I land back in LA from Napa, it is likely that I will find myself staying at another friend's place as she travels for a few weeks. 

So that means I'll potentially root down in my own place in the Fall (I think, but what do I know?! And I hear Fall in NYC is beautiful... kidding... kind of...). In the mean time, I am a nomad. Granted, a nomad with an income and a steady yoga membership. I have never been a nomad before. I have always been the rooted one with the space to invite in my nomad friends (which I am thankful for having had said nomad friends as I have learned from their nomadic ways - aka "heart wide open, personal belongings tightly packed in storage"). 

I had a moment in the shower the other day - as all groundbreaking thoughts come thru in the shower, right?! - that I had been in so many different showers lately. When traveling and nomading, there are many different showers involved. And cars. I have been driving many different cars lately. I currently have a rental car because my car is in the body shop - perhaps when I get it back in the next week I'll feel more ... stable? No, stable isn't the right word, because I don't feel unstable even though everything in my world appears to be unstable. I suppose I am just adjusting well to the ever changing conditions that come with nomading and Saturn Returns. Flowing... I am in flow (thank God).  

I think the biggest lesson in this nomadic/unstable time period in my life is the same lesson it always is - remain present. While staying at Murisa and Bill's, I had the pleasure of connecting with Bill's mom, who reminded me of the TV show Northern Exposure and how spiritually ahead of it's time it was. I had not seen it in years - so I decided to watch a few episodes to get reacquainted with Dr. Joel Fleischman. And of course - this is the epic piece of advice that I took away from just one episode - 

Chris [to Joel]:  Well, you know the way I see it, if you're here for four more years or four more weeks, you're here right now. You know? And I think when you're somewhere you ought to be there, and because it's not about how long you stay in a place. It's about what you do while you're there, and when you go is that place any better for you having been there? 

Another magical moment where things aligned in the universe for me to take notice (I am, of course, highly alert to paying attention to the signs). Thus far, nomading has been magical. But then again, isn't every part of life if you're paying attention to the signs? 

Six of Cups from my July Tarot reading. Dead on. 

Six of Cups from my July Tarot reading. Dead on.