Heart As Wide As The World

It finally happened. I guess you could say I have been waiting for it to happen since I started my yoga practice regularly last July.

I cried in class.

At first I was kind of confused. I began to think "what exactly is making me cry?" and "is this just sweat because it is like 108 degrees in here?"  It was all the hip and heart openers... combined with the fact that I am in such a life transition right now that all the emotions that I had not really had the time to express (packing has consumed most of my life recently) just decided to fall out my eyes as I was twisting my body. 

When I got home an hour later I received a text from one of my east coast friends (who always knows when I need to talk. We have that magic telepathic thing going on.) - "You around?" Cut to the telephone ringing. 

We spoke about my move out of this magic house. Seriously, it's been magical. I would love to do an experiment and put a picture up of KD and Arjun at some other house's mantel and see if they come knocking on that door...wait... actually, if two Hamsa's are in said house then they probably will show up... or Julia Roberts since she's on the Maharajji boat.  

When my landlord was alive, I would send him joking emails letting him know that his property value had increased each time I had a celebrity over (out of everyone who has entered through this door - cast members of Entourage, an Academy Award nominated actress, a Grammy nominate recording artist - his favorite was a friend of mine's husband who was on The Voice). Point being, this house is magical. 

Ohhh and the parties that I threw here. Also magical. My favorites were the 2013 holiday party (with a Christmas tree, buddha waterfall and menorah) with 75 amazing guests and perfect LA "winter" weather (aka the French doors were open to the backyard and patio) and the surprise bridal shower last month for Murisa - she had no clue! 

After reminiscing on all of the magical things that have happened here on Airdrome in the last two years (my personal favorite being finding a tiny, beautiful conch shell buried in the backyard, as if the dirt were sand and Airdrome Street was Ocean Avenue) my east coast friend reminded me that it's me that is creating the magic and that the next place I land will be just as magical. 

I am packing all of my lovely magical belongings into storage, taking a red-eye to the Keys for my best friends bachelorette party, then heading to Atlanta to visit my family and get briefly reacquainted with my southern roots. When I land back in LA, I'll be a nomad (aka dog sitting two of LA's best furry creatures). I have zero experience in the nomad department, so this I'm sure will be an adventure (I also have the most amazing best friend in the whole world that when I asked "can I stay with you for a bit?" there was zero hesitation - "Of course! Bring your Tarot cards!").  That's what Saturn Returns do to you, they help you create adventures. 

Another dear friend recently also brought to my attention that I am wide open. Heart. Mind. Body (seriously though, not sure how many more yoga classes I'd like to twist and cry in...).  And in these open spaces is exactly that - open space. Open space to create what's next. And what is next? Hell if I know. Part of the adventure. 

Speaking of KD and Arjun...  Heart As Wide As The World  

Speaking of KD and Arjun... Heart As Wide As The World