Eat Drink Shrink - Jane Iredale Review

Eat Drink Shrink - Jane Iredale Review 

Tantasia – Self Tanner and Bronzer

First of all, I am extremely fair skinned, so much so that I basically gave up on tanning and tanning products around age 21, just accepting my Snow White glow. However, I gave Tantasia a try and I’m not at all disappointed. The cool part about this product is that it worked instantly and also over time. I used on my legs when I wore a summer dress the other day and I had an instant bronze – yet it wasn’t too overpowered on my fair skin, it was natural looking. I continued to use it for a solid two weeks which built up a solid “tan.” The best part is that ingredients are so clean compared to other similar products out there as the last thing I’d want to do is add more fake to my fake tan. I was overall very happy with this product!

Absence – Oil Control Primer

Overall this product was alright. It did a fairly good job at keeping my oily skin at bay so I have no complains in the oil control department. However, I did find it a bit heavy at times, given it’s compact cream consistency.

Circle/Delete – Concealer

I was pleased with this product as I actually find it a rarity in the natural beauty products category. There are plenty of natural concealers from different companies but finding one that has an orange tone (to cover dark) and yellow tone (to highly features) has not been an easy find for me. I highly recommend and will for sure be adding this to my profession and personal kits.

PureBrow – Brow Gel

I have a love/hate with this product. To be very honest, if I did not have training in make-up application, I would have likely messed up on the initial application and called it a day. However, I knew to keep playing with it. The application wand is a bit big and I feel that it should come with a separate combing tool. However, the more I used it, the more comfortable I became with it. Each time I apply I do have to use a q-tip to clean up the edges due to the large wand hitting some hairs that most definitely do not need to be defined! I did begin to get many compliments on my brows so it was obviously doing its job. Overall, I recommend this product, but with a lesson or two on application in person with a make-up artist or an online tutorial.

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