Day 88 #100DaysOfSelfLove

My dear friend Steve has been an integral part of my self-love journey (along with my vegan ice cream journey). We met about four years ago (4 years!?) and not only did we become the best of friends, I started going to him for reiki. Reiki is essentially an energy massage... you get to relax and rest while Steve does his magic. After a session, I'm always rejuvenated and have a fresh point of view on life and my goals. So I of course had to find out what Steve's definition of self-love is -

"Self-love is self-forgiveness-but-not-forgetness, being a student of life forever and always, learning from criticism, pain, missteps, and faults, embracing your own light and dark and allowing your complexity and nuances to paint a beautiful rainbow portrait that is perfect exactly how it is in its ever-evolving form.
Self-love is empowerment when it feels necessary and empowerment when it feels scary, stepping up to your potential with an awareness that you grow by moving forward and ascending, connecting with accomplishment in the leaps and the baby steps.
Self-love is massively infusing your life with joy and care, from joyful and caring people, joyful and fun things, joyful and rewarding activities.
Self-love is allowing yourself a moment to cry, a smile of recognition in the mirror, a fist pump of celebratory excitement.
Self-love is a deeply restorative practice.
It begins with you. It ends with you. 
And in the fullness of loving yourSelf, you create a powerful ripple effect throughout the world, to all others with whom you resonate.
Self-love is universal love."

Steve is currently running a holiday reiki special. Message him directly to get in on the energy (literally).

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