Day 5 of #100DaysOfSelfLove

If there’s one specific woman that saw first hand my transformation into self-love, it’d be Sarah Ezrin. I started frequenting her classes at YogaWorks on Larchmont in 2014, post break-up from a four-year relationship and right smack in the middle of my nomadic adventure, where I’d put all my things in storage and traveled around for nine months. It was my re-birth, strategically aligned with my Saturn Return. Sarah was there for me on my high days and my low days, always reminding me to keep going, yet take breaks when needed (both on the mat and IRL).

So naturally, I wanted to hear from her about her definition of self-love - “Self-love is the practice of radical acceptance. It means spacious observation, to witness without judgment, and recognizing that every aspect of ourself is important and perfect, even the darkest parts.”

You can find Sarah’s classes in San Francisco at YogaWorks and Yoga Tree (I obviously highly recommend!) 📷: @penaphotography 

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