A Letter To 2015

As I look back over my choices and actions over the last year, I am humbled by, yet also proud of, what I have accomplished. Most of the choices and actions that made a difference in my life were personal, spiritual and self-growth related (which as my yoga practice teaches, these are some of the most important aspects in our lives - in other words, how you do one thing is how you do everything). 

My chosen word for this past year was "action" which, unknowingly at the time, manifested into writing letters. 2015 became The Year Of The Letter (Mary Louise Parker would likely agree). Writing letters felt authentic and honest, not only with myself but also with reciprocates, who got an opportunity to glance into my point of view. And talk about weight lifted off my shoulders! I recall two specific letters that I handed to people and physically felt lighter once they were out of my hands - like I've done my part... I can now peacefully move forward knowing I did the best I could do, with integrity. If we all practiced this kind of integrity and compassion on a daily basis, our world would be different - more authentic. Being authentic is no doubt very vulnerable, but for me, there is no other way of living. Looking back now, perhaps "vulnerability" was actually the word for 2015. 

Out of all of the letters I wrote, my very favorite letter was to my mother - for Mother's Day - for a brand and blog called A Letter To My Mom.  

Dear Mommie,

You are a beam of light, shining brightly to all you meet. I am so happy that my soul chose you and your soul chose me to play these parts of mother and daughter together. As a child, I watched you inspire women all around the country with your ambitious work in your association. Given that you laid such a strong foundation for me to follow upon, naturally it only makes sense that I desire to follow in your high heals to spread inspiration, as well (and maybe one day, I, too, will receive a lifetime achievement award for it!). You have taught me so many wonderful things about being a woman - not only how to put on my make-up and shop for the best dresses – but you also have shown me how to set a bar to accomplish whatever I put my mind to and then to raise that bar again, so that success may continue. Thank you for all that you have done to help me get to where I am today. You are my light and I love you dearly.


Heather ReinhardtComment