Eat Drink Shrink - Mineral Fusion Review

Mineral Fusion Review for Eat Drink Shrink 

I received a handful of products from Mineral Fusion - many of them where not compatible with my skin tone, however I had the opportunity to play with the different color combos on a few of my make-up clients. The eyeshadows are easy to apply and very blend-able, which is always a great thing. I especially loved the color Prism for an under brow highlighter color. I am a fan of the lip gloss wands consistency - they're a perfect blend of smooth and shiny, while not being too sticky or overly glossy. When paired with the lip pencil, the lip gloss wand stayed on for a long time - roughly three to four hours and even sustained a Vinnie Marino Vinyasa Flow class - In other words, I did not have to reapply my lip color like I usually every hour or two. I was most excited to review the nail polish - I received a bottom and top coat with the nail color Blushing Crystal, which is a lovely light pink. I was pretty impressed as the polish, as not only is it a gorgeous color, it did not chip until day four… and with other lines that many nail salons use, it’s usually chipped by day two. I love that this line is available nation wide at Whole Foods!