The Three Purges

There is something very spiritual about doing a purge of your physical belongings. I believe it was Catherine Ponder that said something along the lines of "clean out your garage so there is room for your new car." In other words, get rid of the things that you do not need so that the things you do need can freely come in. 

I have been on a major purge for the last few weeks. Closets (so many unworn clothes that I donated - someone out there desperately needs clothes that have just been hanging in my closets unused for years - the give and receive practice at play here), drawers (why do I have so many old business cards for jobs I have not had in years?), and technology (do you know how clear your inbox - and brain - can be if you just delete the emails you do not need?). I feel lighter with less things, freer. I should do this more often. 

All of this purging got sparked from the news of my landlord passing away (rest in peace, he was a very kind soul) and the lingering potential of having to move. I went to see Laura, who I had not seen in quite a few months - the first thing she said to me was "are you moving?" Just when I thought I had found some grounding within my house, I apparently have to uproot and move. With a three-year relationship coming to an end during the last year, naturally I have been in flux with a whole lot of "you can get on with your search baby, and I can get on with mine" emotions, but I had this house to keep me happy and upbeat (I am one of those people that loves to feel safe and comfy in my surroundings). And it did. This house is magical.

However, I was hanging on to the house like a tiger biting into her prey. Then BAM, Saturn Return (think of a snow globe being shaken and you are running around trying to decide which pieces to take to rebuild or just let fall away - thank you Erin for that analogy), landlord dies, must move and can no longer hang on to the house, the thing that kept me most grounded. Snowflake falling away... 

Then there is a whole other different kind of purging that is so much more than just spiritual - it is life changing - the mental purge. The mental purge is when you analyze your thoughts (Are they positive or negative? Are they helping you or hurting you?) and become mindful of your patterns and then act upon the things you want to change about yourself. These tasks are not for the faint of anything. This is some serious soul growth shit and it gets messy... and frustrating... and emotional... and oy. (But we are human, we are supposed to go through these experiences - the whole lesson and learning experience is how you deal with them, right?!)  

And then to take it up one step further, ya know, just for fun while you're at it, the people energy purge. The people energy purge is when you look at the people that are in your life. Are they positive or negative? Are they helping you or hurting you? Is there equal exchange of give and take between you? Do they annoy you? Are your energies vibrating at the same frequency (aka are you on the same page of your shared book)? If you find more negative than positive, then it becomes about deciding whether or not you want to continue a relationship/friendship/connection with them. The people energy purge is also not for the faint of anything, because it is basically a break-up, and break-ups of any kind are never a picnic. You just have to keep in mind that you are doing it to better yourself and your life.  

Everything is shifting (as expected during a Saturn Return) and there are waves. Many waves, some a bit confusing, others a bit frustrating (like having patience...). However I am excited. I am excited to see what the future holds, and I know it is good stuff because my Solar Plexus won't stop spinning (butterflies in tummy feeling). With all the purging I have been doing - physical, mental, and people - at least I am traveling lighter on these ever so shifting waves with less baggage on multiple surfboards. 


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