I am someone who is 90% happy, with a 10% chance of emotional motions (I have a Cancer sun sign… my mom always calls me her little crab…sometimes I am just bound for a good cry with pinchy claws).  I have learned how to be happy and maintain happiness, it is a practice, with some days being a piece of cake, and other days ending in eating a piece (or 3) of cake.   I have also learned how to manage those weird moments of not being happy.  The first step for me is recognizing it and being mindful of "this moment sucks."  But that's the thing, it's only a moment… "This Too Shall Pass…"  

During this 10% period, I often take to my journal to write (if I really want to feel it out), sit and breathe deep breaths and clear my mind, create a new vision board to manifest better outcomes in the future, and/or simply find the small things that I am grateful for (a roof over my head, warm water for showers, healthy foods to eat…).  

However, some days just seem like they cannot get any worse and it can be difficult to find that silver lining.  I had one of these days recently.  Tons of balls up in the air - work, money, relationships - you name it, it was flying.  Oh and it was also the week of the beginning of my Saturn Return.  So I suppose this was to be expected.  On this particular day, to process my 10% of not being happy, I chose to take a yoga class.  My favorite class is also everyone else's favorite class.  So it is always packed, and often with celebrities.  Living in Los Angeles and having worked with celebrities, seeing them in yoga class is no big deal - we are all there to get grounded and zen, no one cares about your latest project during savasana.  What is the big deal is how one unknowingly helped me gain a new perspective on my 10% situation. 

This person, whom I had never met prior to this class, walked into the yoga studio with poise and grace.  Really, a kind a soul, you could just see it from their aura.  I did not think much about it until it hit me about 20 minutes into the practice as I was in down dog.  I remembered reading a story online a few years ago about them loosing their spouse, very young and very unexpected.  So now this person was a single parent of three children, without their spouse around not only to help, but see and be apart of the love and family.  And somehow they still managed to make it to yoga class, let alone make it out of bed each day and to a television show set.  

Talk about perspective.  This person's strength and grace reminded me that we all have choices - they chose to keep moving forward.  As do I (literally in that moment, I had to move from Down Dog to Chaturanga). 

Heather ReinhardtComment