One Thing At A Time

Recently I have been busy (but really, when are any of us not busy?). I have planned a surprise bridal shower for my best friend (which was awesome, she had no idea!), traveled to Seattle to see my mom receive a lifetime achievement award with her organization (also awesome, my mom rocks), maintained my full time job (which has recently been all travel agent related responsibilities aka Keeping Up With The Time Zones) while taking on side make-up gigs, hitting Mia's class as much as possible to balance it all out, and the big one - prepping for two moves.

I say two moves because not only I am moving out of the magic house in the next month, I then immediately go to Atlanta to go through all of my childhood things in my parent's basement as they prep for a move (ok... so I am going to Key West for a girl's trip right after my LA move, then to Atlanta a few days later... I had to have a weekend vacation break in there to keep my sanity... ). 

To say the least, my to-do list is a bit overwhelming. Once I get back to LA from Atlanta, I'll get settled into my new magic place, celebrate turning 29 (Saturn Return halfway over!), and then head to Napa to celebrate my best friends' wedding. The to-do list is really never ending, but that's kind of cool actually - it means there is always something to look forward to. However, I have moments of "OMG I have to do that!"  and "Don't forget to [insert whatever] !" realizations that kind of make me go crazy for a brief second. Then I remember - I can only do one thing at a time.  

Remembering that I can only do one thing at a time in those crazed moments help me to keep grounded. Then, of course, this article on Tiny Buddha was appropriately placed on my path - aka Facebook newsfeed - so I opened the link and to my amusement, it felt as if it was written for me (which is exactly why it was on my path in the first place... it was meant for me to read). 

"Trust in the perfection of your life and let yourself be fully where you are in the moment. Trust that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Know that what you have to look forward to is greater than what you are leaving behind. And trust that you will arrive in time and on time, not a minute sooner." 

I really cannot be anywhere else but right here in this present moment. Currently, I am in a hotel room in Seattle... I can't even be worried about my pending move(s) as there is literally nothing I can do about it in this moment... it's not time yet. Right now my job is to simply enjoy the fact that I am with my mom and her friends (my non-legal godmothers and non-related aunts) in a different, fun, beautiful city. Having a gigantic to-do list may be one of the best practices of being present - one thing at a time.