Mercury Retrograde

I was doing so well with my new intentions (my word for resolutions) over the last few days. And then today happened - Mercury Retrograde. Which is fine, it was expected, and to be fair, I'm still on track with my intentions ... it is just that my energy is a bit more "meh" today than the last four very productive days (it could also be the rain, ok the rain is most definitely a causing factor to this situation). Ebb and flow. 

I recently contributed a blog for Huffington Post's GPS for the Soul specifically about Mercury Retrograde. Now I am re-reading my own advice and applying it on this chilly, rainy, SoCal winter night (while laying around in my new One Piece compliments of Eat Drink Shrink!). Oh Mercury... no use trying to fight it. Again, ebb and flow. 


Heather ReinhardtComment