I grew up with Gabrielle St. Claire in Atlanta. I moved to Los Angeles, she moved to New York City. After reconnecting via social media (and our ten year high school reunion, Romy + Michele style) a few years back, we quickly realized that we were living similar lifestyles (which is saying a lot, given that we grew up in the home town of Chick-fil-A - and escaped to the two cities in the US that offer the most organic + delicious foods imaginable), just on different coasts. So naturally, it only made sense for us to collaborate together. 

I'm happy to announce our collaboration as I come on board Gabrielle's Eat.Drink.Shrink as a contributor. Product reviews and beauty tips to come in the near future! Cheers to a happy and abundant 2015! 

(Also stoked that my dear friend Erin Dunphy is also on board!) 

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