Day 99 #100DaysOfSelfLove

Coming into the final stretch of the 100 days, I asked one of my best friends, Kiersten Ingrid McIntire, for her definition of self-love. Not only did she respond with a powerhouse meaning, she's also launching the brand and podcast, WEST, to empower women (self-love = empowerment). Cheers to everyone going after their dreams and empowering others while doing so. #gamerecognizegame

"My definition of self love has taken me 30 years to understand. In fact, I didn’t truly create what my personal definition of self love was until fairly recently. For me, it’s making Kiersten a priority. I wear many hats in my life, and it’s been putting on my unique and true self hat that’s created my love for myself. When I take on too much, (which I’m actively working on) my “me” time takes a backseat. When I stop working out and eating foods that make my digestion happy, I start criticizing myself to no end. I’m mean to myself because I’m not putting me first. That projects onto criticizing others because I’m not taking care of me. Projection is something we all do, and it’s unbecoming. Putting yourself as a priority = peace, calm, compassion for others, happiness, kindness, motivation, inspiration, productiveness, and most of all creates balance.

I’m starting WEST (Women Empowered Stronger Together) to bring ALL women together. Every walk of life, and life experience are welcome. It’s important to me to include ALL women. It’s time we lifted each other up, were brave enough to share our vulnerability, and to celebrate one another in the acknowledgement of our beautiful femininity. My hope is to create a space I can share my life experiences, mistakes, and lessons learned. Also to create relatability for women through me, and the guests I have on my podcast. The podcast will be launching in February. You can follow @womenestofficial to watch for an official launch date! Remember: Keep moving forward. You CAN do this. You are loved. You are good. You are kind. You are smart. You are happy. You are free."


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