Day 89 #100DaysOfSelfLove

Vulnerable confession: The holidays and I have a bit of a tumultuous emotional past. The last three have been challenging for multiple reasons. Knowing this about myself and the patterns, this year I decided to fill my schedule with fun things to do to keep me preoccupied, hoping I'd feel differently than in the recent past. This morning, I realized I can't outrun myself. My self-love practice kicked in. I decided to let it out... part tears, part analyzation. I had a three hour Breakdown to Breakthrough with my bff/mentor/SwamiG David Norwood (everyone should have a mentor/bff/therapist to help sort through the emotions and find the wisdom of what the emotions are trying to tell you). The bottom line that he helped me get to was that because I've chosen such a unique path for myself, it's not uncommon for me to feel the way I currently do. I know this is just a phase, this too shall pass. To live your best life, you have to embrace ALL of the emotions. And thankfully, there's always laughter in the Breakdown to Breakthrough.


Heather ReinhardtComment