Day 56 #100DaysOfSelfLove

If you don't know your heart's desire (your dream/goal/destiny), start actively searching high and low for all things that make you happy (while also acknowledging the things that make you miserable—as that's important to know, as well, so that you can make the choice to not have those things or experiences in your life). You might not have one particular calling, but rather a handful (something that worked for you in your 20s might not be as meaningful to you when you' reach your 30s, and so on). Your tastes and desires will change as you grow & that's totally acceptable—if not downright predictable—as growth equals change. Most importantly, include your heart when you make decisions, especially about your dreams and goals. Self-love is knowing your identity and so much of ourselves lives within our hearts. 

Heather ReinhardtComment