Day 26 of #100DaysOfSelfLove

This my beautiful new friend Brooke. We met briefly a few months ago then got to spend some quality time together while swooning over Florence and The Machine at Life is Beautiful Festival. We instantly had a lot in common so I asked Brooke what her definition of self-love was -

"I practice self-love in a lot of different ways.Self-love can be so much fun. It can be wine nights with your best friends (heavy on the wine), dating the really great guy who loves you, respects you and makes you feel like a million bucks or squeezing in your favorite yoga class. Self-love can also be scary sometimes. It can be truly investing in yourself and committing to therapy and saying bye bye to any toxicity in your life. When you let go and forgive, you grow. 🌸"

Heather ReinhardtComment