Day 21 of #100DaysOfSelfLove

I got to spend time this morning with Sydney Weiss, creator of Seek The Joy Podcast. We had so much in common that it seemed like every other sentence was, “Same here!” I love when you connect with someone you just naturally vibe with. I asked Sydney for her definition on self-love - 

“For me, self-love is choosing to be patient and kind towards myself. It's understanding that the ebb and flow is part of the journey. It's choosing not to judge time, and trusting that my path will unfold the way that it's supposed to, when it's supposed to. Above all else, self-love is a choice I can make in any given moment, if only I am willing to choose me."

Check out the Seek The Joy Podcast - you won't be disappointed! (Yours truly will be making a guest appearance in the coming months! 🙌🏼)

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