Maybe There's No Such Thing as Balance

I've been working on my balancing act since I was five. At the dance studio, I would hang every which way from the ballet barre and then head to the center of the room to practice balancing floor work. I grew up learning how to balance; it's embedded in my dancer body. 

When I grew up and moved from dance to yoga, more balancing - and challenging - poses came into play. Some days, I can stand on one foot, pull up the other leg, twist it, bend it, invert it, and gracefully hold it for what seems like eons. Other days, I go straight down to childs pose. 

Recently the thought hit me - maybe there's no such thing as balance - maybe it's more so of an integration. I pondered on it for a while and Thrive Global seemed like the perfect home for this piece. 

Heather ReinhardtComment