I’ve been on a very personal journey over the last decade to truly understand who I am, which innately taught me how to love myself. While I believe this journey never really ends, I have come to a point on the path where I’m eagerly ready to share what I’ve learned thus far with the intention to help others (if I can love myself, you can love yourself).

I wasn’t always filled with self-love. In fact, there were times that I recall being more self-loathing than loving. I believe most of us have to experience both sides of the coin to fully understand ourselves, our natures, our intentions, our dreams, and desires.

In my #100DaysOfSelfLove experiment, I’m bringing my self-love arsenal to the limelight by sharing a daily moment, story, perspective… a choice of self-love. Some from me and others from my high vibe tribe. I’ll be posting here on my blog and on my social media accounts - @heathereinhardt.

My mission is to make sure as many people as possible have the proper tools to cultivate self-love. Please join me, tag me, show me how you love yourself daily! Let’s share our tips and tools, growing into a beautiful community that supports and encourages one another. Self-love’s biggest benefit is the absence of judgement. When we love ourselves, we can love others.

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