Eat Drink Shrink - Acure Review

Acure Review for Eat Drink Shrink 

eye cream chlorella + edelweiss stem cell – First of all, I love how this product is in such a large bottle for eye cream. Usually eye creams are tiny in size (resulting in having to purchase more frequently), however this one is a full ounce. And the line on the bottle – “You’ll scream for our eye cream!” is uber cute. At this stage in my life, I am at a cross roads – maintaining my youthful look for a few more years yet starting to be preventative. This product serves me well on both roads by stimulating new collagen (because don’t we all want new collagen regardless of what stage our skin is at?!). It also does not feel heavy, it has a weightlessness about it.

night cream: argan stem cell + 2% chlorella growth factor – Again, being at that stage of maintaining my youthful appearance (I’m still under 30 for a few more months – milking while I still can!) while starting prevention treatments, this night cream did a great job for my overall glow. This product also has a weightlessness about it, which I loved, as I often feel that night creams get more absorbed into the pillow case than into my skin. Overall, my face is firmer and feeling more buoyant. 

lemongrass + moroccan argon oil firming body lotion – My skin is feeling amazing. I just did a sugaring hair removal on my legs and the main instruction I received from the technician was “be sure to moisturize” and this product has done above and beyond in the moisturizing department. I love that this product also provides Skin-Immune that helps protect against environmental stresses – living in Los Angeles, environmental stresses are as frequent as palm trees and stars on boulevards out here.