Day 39 #100DaysOfSelfLove

We have an overwhelming amount of choices to make. There are the daily choices such as what to wear and what to eat and then there are the life choices such as where to live and what career path to take. Since our lives require making choices, make sure one of those choices is to love yourself. While self-love is going to look different for everyone, what all people who love themselves have in common is that they made the choice to do so.


Day 38 #100DaysOfSelfLove

This is my beautiful bedroom that I pieced together over the last two months in my new house. While picking out all of the little touches, I kept in mind how important it is to me that I live in a sacred and luxurious space as it's part of my self-care and nurturing (I'm a Cancer sun sign... home is where the heart is after all). I find that when I love the space I'm in, it's far easier for me to enjoy my life. I rest better, I create more, and my life flows with more ease. Given we spend so much time in our homes and offices, set them up to serve you and make the most for you.


Day 37 #100DaysOfSelfLove

Bougie baths are my favorite, can you tell?! I find that the busier I get in my life, the more important it is that I set aside some daily down time to relax and truly enjoy the luxury it can be to take care of my mind, body and spirit. 

 Photo by Megan Wintory  Hair by Andrea Jaclyn / Bomane Salon  Dress by BCBGMAXAZRIA

Photo by Megan Wintory
Hair by Andrea Jaclyn / Bomane Salon

Day 36 #100DaysOfSelfLove

Part of learning how to love yourself is making the choice to give yourself all that you need. When you meet your own needs, you take away the possibility of being disappointed when others don’t (they need to be meeting their own needs). Then when two people who can meet their own needs come together, it’s an equal and healthy partnership (all partnerships - romantic/friend/family/business).