Choosing An Epic Path

David pointed at me. “Purple leotard – what’s your name?”

I felt a bit timid around new people at the ripe age of thirteen. “Me? I’m Heather.”

“Heather, come up to the front, stage left. That’s where you’ll be for this piece.”

I waddled on up and took my spot.

“You love to dance, correct?”

I smiled and nodded, “Yes.”

“Okay then. Next time, leap with joy and enthusiasm to your spot.”

Even at age thirteen, I got the message. If I was going to do something, do it with vigor. 

In collaboration with VoyageATL + David Norwood, here is our story of being epic. 

Journey Of A Lifetime

Where do I even start with this one? First and foremost, this was a personal passion piece brought to fruition by many contributors by one major thing we all shared in common - our mutual love for yoga. Many thanks and namaste's to my teachers and friends - Whitney Allen, Joe Kara, Mary Beth LaRue, Mia Togo and Sarah Ezrin. Without your contribution (and not just to the article, rather my life), this all would be pretty fruitless. 

If you only know me from my writing and the world of social media, you probably know that I love yoga because I post about it often. If you know me personally, you definitely know that I love yoga either because we're mat mates or I have personally asked you when you're going to come to a class with me (no really, when are you coming to class with me?). Given how I have consciously structured my life over the last two years with my work, yoga can represent a social outing for me. When you work from home most days in the introverted fashion as I do, being around any people at all becomes a social outing. In shorter words, mat mates = best friends. 

When I started the collaboration conversation with VoyageLA, my editor was the one who said "You should write about yoga." To be super clear, I'm not a certified yoga teacher or anyone who has done any major studying of the sutras. I am simply a yoga practitioner that has witnessed great change within myself since incorporating the practice into my life. To say I was a bit timid to take this on is an understatement.

Around the time I began crafting out the piece, a friend reminded me of why I write in the first place - to share my stories to ignite inspiration. Then VoyageLA told me they wanted to make it the feature for December. Wow, what a blessing I didn't see coming! (I must have tapped into Joe Kara's Humble AF energy.) The day it published, my editor said, "I hope we inspire many Angeleno's!" In my writing, that's all I ever hope for.

This is my yoga story and it truly is a Journey Of A Lifetime

Things Go Better With Coke (Parental Benefits)

When I reunited with my high school friend Melina Baetti Vezirian a few months back, I knew I wanted to find ways to collaborate together (or rather again, after working on multiple events and projects in Student Government Association and Key Club during high school). Even though we live on different coasts and are in different industries, an opportunity presented itself when Melina's dedicated work with the Millennial Voices team at Coca-Cola presented their new parental benefits policy

I formulated a few questions and sent them her way which are covered here on Huffington Post

 Melina and I our senior year of high school in the SGA Homecoming Parade float. 

Melina and I our senior year of high school in the SGA Homecoming Parade float. 

From LAX to JFK - Yoga From Coast To Coast

If anyone knows anything about me, it is that I love yoga. I have been fascinated by the yoga culture ever since becoming involved in the LA yoga scene in 2010. In light of webseries Namaste, Bitches and Amazon's Down Dog, my dear friend, New Yorker, and creator of Eat Drink Shrink, Gabrielle St. Claire and I began having conversations about yoga on both coasts. 

Noticing how yoga had become mainstream, we dug into how we initially found yoga and discovered what about our two cities (NYC + LA) yoga cultures differed and resembled one another. 

Huffpost Healthy Living Blog covers our conversation.